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It is a bright 120 sq. m. space in a historical part of the city. A breathtaking panorama of the old town opens through the wide windows of the apartment. The space already had 2 planned bedrooms, but it was a bit tight for a family with 3 kids. By sacrificing one rear window, we created an additional bedroom and bath. The newly formed bedroom and living room space is separated by a piece of furniture with rounded shapes, which also serves as a wardrobe from one side and as TV unit and a partition from the other side. The glass partitions surrounding this furniture unit allow the space to be separated and connected again when desired. Another glass partition helps to form a small entrance hall space. The glass here is clear to allow you enjoy the wonderful views through the windows. The interior palette is dominated by many shades of white. An important material in the interior is brown oak veneer in furniture, which perfectly balances and warms clean white palette. The floor is quite contrasting too, in a dark warm shade of chocolate which counterbalances the sterility of white. Patterned tiles in the entrance hall are combined with white marble stone texture in the living space and bathrooms. Although the interior is modern and has a lot of contemporary solutions, it is full of eclectic details and furniture, such as patterned glass, some vintage furniture and other. Such combination connects with the surrounding environment of the old town and makes the space charming, moody and with the character. The interior is like a light modern echo to older historical times.


residential 120 M2


Vilnius, Lithuania



Photographer: Antanas Štrimaitis

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